Premium & Luxury Lifestyle Communications

Let’s make culture, together

FINN LUXE is the specialist luxury arm of FINN Partners, one of the fastest-growing global, independent agencies, with a heart and a conscience.

Cross-sector opportunities

Diversity is our strength: we work across lifestyle segments and media, opening new doors for brands looking to expand their lifestyle offerings.

  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Wellness & Beauty
  • Watch & Jewelry
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Art & Culture
  • Food & Beverage
  • Auto & Motorcycle
  • Design & Furniture
  • Real Estate

Across the globe, our partners have served category leaders across premium & luxury segments

We help premium & luxury brands translate their visions across markets, transform business insights into creative engagement campaigns, and navigate reputational challenges in complex social and geopolitical landscapes.

Our Client, logo Habacoa
Our Client, logo Montage International
Our Client, logo St. Regis Aspen
Our Client, logo Carillon Miami
Our Client, logo Ciragan Kempinski
Our Client, logo Dolder Grand
Our Client, logo Wilderness Safaris
Our Client, logo Bloomingdales
Our Client, logo Mandarin Oriental
Our Client, logo World’s 50 Best
Our Client, logo Bahamas
Our Client, logo Lyma
Our Client, logo Vistajet
Our Client, logo Marriott
Our Client, logo Dorchestor Collection
Our Client, logo No. 3 Gin
Our Client, logo Berry Bros

Integrated Communications

Our structure allows us to deliver truly integrated communications on both local and global scopes.

Luxury Playbook 2024 Building Resilience Through Creativity

The luxury segment has traditionally distinguished itself through a singular focus on excellence in quality, design and service. In recent years, consumers have come to resonate increasingly with another type of excellence: cultural creativity.

Driven by growing purchasing power across diverse markets and the proliferation of touch points, the appetite for creative excellence presents new opportunities and challenges in branding, storytelling and marketing.

The Luxury Playbook provides an overview of these opportunities and challenges for the year to come, with a view to help brands build resilience in the face of growing market headwinds.

FINN x Luxury: With a Heart & Conscience