Investor Relations

We speak investor fluently.

Learning how to speak investors’ language can be a challenging or even daunting task, especially when their support is vital to your operation. Luckily, we’re fluent in it.

FINN Partners has deep-rooted expertise in helping companies successfully communicate complex messages with their most important audiences in the financial community. From annual reports to ESG policies, we integrate the diverse skills of investor relations and design communications to craft pointed IR strategies that secure and maintain market interest, shareholder engagement and continued support.

A disciplined, focused investor relations program translates into greater visibility among investors, broader institutional ownership, increased access to capital and enhanced management credibility. Plus, with growing expectations for public companies to introduce socially responsible values into the core of their business, careful and strategic articulation has become more imperative than ever to effectively mitigate risk, expand opportunities, and further create value for current and potential stakeholders.

From start-ups to public companies, FINN’s IR experts manage all the communications responsibilities in a professional and efficient manner, including:

  • Annual Report Production
  • Analyst Day Production and Management
  • Annual Meeting Management
  • Comprehensive Investor Relations Consultation
  • Website Investor Relations Communications
  • Investment Community – Outreach/Targeting
  • Buy-Side and Sell-Side
  • IPO and Other Investor
  • Market Intelligence Presentations
  • News Release/Conference Presentations
  • Call Production and Management
  • Proxy Management
  • ESG Strategy and Reports

FINN also has over two decades of experience specializing in IR strategies specific to the healthcare industry. From the pre-clinical to the commercial stage, we have championed the capital needs of 300+ companies in the biopharma, diagnostic, medical device and medical technology sectors. By ensuring effective communications between our clients and the financial community, we empower them to build transformative businesses that improve patients’ lives.