Jennifer Hawkins

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

I launched my one-woman shop in 2002 in NYC and grew over time into a leading national agency in the global luxury hospitality industry. Our client roster represents the gold standard luxury hotels, resorts, cruise lines, spas, private aviation and hospitality brands in the world.  We have clients on  every continent and they have come to rely on our counsel for their media strategy as much as their social and digital focus. We thrive on sourcing trends and leveraging synergies among clients and the media. Even under the FINN brand we continue to maintain a boutique customized sensibility that enables us to be nimble and personalize our client services, while serving as go-to resources sought by top consumer and lifestyle media and influencers. FINN allows me to connect with peers and practice areas in ways that I never dreamed possible. I believe in working with the finest clients attracts the best talent and ultimately results in the greatest impact. I consider myself as much a hospitality authority as much as I do a communications expert.  

A strong spirit transcends rules.

- Prince

How'd you get here?

I fell hard for travel when my father took me as a teenager on an epic multi-country European trip with no itinerary but only a Eurail pass and a backpack. I resolved then I wanted to see more of the world and design a career path that around that and since then and I’ve explored more than 50 countries to date. (I’ll get to Antarctica one of these days…) After graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Social Ecology, I worked in Washington DC for an association, then cut my teeth working with a multi-national PR agency when they  moved me to Miami. Ultimately I moved to New York City without a job and only a list of contacts to meet and I landed my dream job at Orient-Express Hotels to head up their US based  public relations efforts in the U.S. It was then I was first introduced the exciting and delightful world of luxury hospitality and I have never turned back.  I’m always looking for what’s next and how I can do and be better.  

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