Supply Chain & Logistics

Making critical connections count.

Supply chain, logistics, and transportation are more complex and important than ever. They can create a competitive advantage, raise brand perception, and impact overall business performance — and they’re connected to pressing global issues, such as fair working practices and environmental responsibility.

That means organizations in the industry must juggle competing priorities while solving old and new challenges. FINN Partners guides them through it.

We’re the supply chain PR agency that brings decades of experience and unmatched domain knowledge to each of our clients, who range from the supply chain organizations of Fortune 50 brands to leaders, challengers and start-ups in the technology and services provider community.

Supply Chain & Logistics

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Shining the spotlight on advanced supply chain security.

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FINN serves as a true strategic partner, working with organizations throughout the global commerce ecosystem, including:

  • Planning
  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Fulfillment
  • Global logistics
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • e-commerce
  • Last-mile delivery

Our metrics-driven integrated communication programs reach audiences across all channels and bring sophisticated capabilities to content generation, content marketing, SEO, SEM/PPC, social media, and PR.

We have long-term relationships with targeted media across vertical, trade, B2B, technology, and business press — connections and credibility that we use to our clients’ advantage.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Brand Strategy & Development

    To stand out from your competition in the supply chain and logistics field, you have to deliver a compelling message, clear market position, and engaging personality. We use detailed research and vast experience to help your company build its brand.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Content Marketing

    Driving traffic to your site takes relevant content that’s high quality. It has to be interesting, insightful, and trustworthy — and that’s what we deliver.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Corporate Communications

    Your voice and tone have to be consistent, compelling, and always aligned to your brand values. We build communication strategies that strike that tone — and, if needed, we craft honest responses to protect your brand and give you peace of mind.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Crisis Communication

    No matter the issue, political turmoil, industry challenges, or even complex social dynamics, we can help craft communications to successfully navigate you through.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Digital Marketing

    We’ll rely on extensive research, best practices, and burgeoning trends to create a digital marketing plan customized to your supply chain or logistics business. Our integrated approach will cover all your needs, from video content to social media.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Investor Relations

    We deliver investor relations strategies that help supply chain companies successfully communicate with their most important audiences.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Public Relations

    Businesses focused on supply chain and logistics can benefit greatly by having a strong, genuine, lasting relationship with the media. We’ll help you build that relationship, nurturing new networks and growing your brand in key markets.

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Research & Insights

    The supply chain and logistics spaces are exciting and ever-evolving, and success takes research and insights your business can rely on. We have the expertise and resources to conduct market research and deliver insights on a global scale.

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