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Outbound Rebound 2023: The Return of Chinese Travelers

March 28, 2023

Indeed, China’s affluent travelers are eager and ready to travel the world again.

But as they prepare to explore the world, what are the changes in their preferences, concerns and purchase influences? What are the new opportunities? How will these changes impact the products and offerings of travel stakeholders around the world this year and beyond?

It is for this reason that FINN Partners and CSG Research collaborated on a deep-dive research that aims to glean insights into the changes in behaviours, needs, preferences, decision-making and expectations of the affluent Chinese travelers. This survey, with a very robust sample size of over 2,000 affluent respondents, was conducted right on the heels of the Chinese government easing travel restrictions in January 2023 to better reflect sentiment and consumer insights.

The report is extensive and comprehensive, covering multiple areas including travel intention, destinations, accommodation, transportation, loyalty program, among others. The intent is to address the Chinese outbound travel market that is anticipating a faster-than-expected revival, and reveal insights that can lead to opportunities and actionable information the global industry will find useful.


  1. Bullish economic sentiment is directly proportional to the eagerness to travel.
    A pie chart showing the growth of international travel.
  2. With borders open, they intend to boost their pre-pandemic pace of overseas travel – traveling more frequently and indulging in longer vacations.
    A bar chart showing the average length of a traveler's trip.
  3. Camping and outdoor activities have grown in popularity during the pandemic, reflecting a trend towards nature tourism. Chinese travelers want to spend time basking in nature.
    Top five passion points of leisure travel.

Chinese travel trends 2023 infographic.



Report Cover, Outbound rebound 2021 the return of Chinese travelers.

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