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May 21, 2024

Impulse and affluence: Understanding spend trends among India’s young globetrotters

This comprehensive report dives into the mindsets and spending habits of an emerging generation of young Indian travelers (under 35 years) as they explore the world through international travel. This cohort is not merely participating in the travel market; they are actively reshaping it with their distinctive preferences and proactive spending behaviors.

Young Indian travelers are not just dreaming about their once-in-a-lifetime trips; a significant number of them (42%) are willing to spend more to make them happen today rather than “someday.” They are decisive and opportunistic in their travel choices and are particularly drawn to dynamic environments like the United Arab Emirates and the United States. When visiting destinations with diverse activities, they don’t need to be persuaded to spend.

Despite being cost-conscious, young Indian travelers prioritize comfort and convenience, showing willingness to spend on services that minimize friction, such as expedited airport transfers or room service. They also prioritize memorable experiences and believe that sustainability should be a standard offering, not an optional premium.

Health and wellness are lesser priorities during travel, especially in destinations not perceived as wellness hubs – perhaps because they have such extensive wellness offerings at home. But even when they’re not traveling specifically for health and wellness, young Indians will pay more for attractions that are positioned as offering mental and physical rejuvenation. They value authentic experiences and use influencers and celebrities to gain inspiration.

For these travelers, international travel is an integral part of their financial planning, with 95% prioritizing it alongside – or even above – other financial commitments. This indicates that travel is not merely a discretionary spend but a fundamental aspect of their budgeting and planning.

Download the full report to discover how to capitalize on the evolving preferences of young Indian travelers:

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