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A global network of creative advertising, branding, PR and media professionals rooted in a city with a storied past and a promising future.

As the hub of FINN Partners’ southeast presence, the Nashville office brings more than 140 communications professionals together in one of the city’s most burgeoning neighborhoods. Important to FINN’s growth, especially in this region, has been the sterling reputation of our legacy agencies—DVL and Seigenthaler—which joined forces in 2015. Together, we have teamed with colleagues around the world, expanding our reach and achieving unparalleled collaboration to better serve clients in industries ranging from healthcare, manufacturing and mobility to consumer products and services, energy and more.

Easier to spell. harder to ignore.

Going from DVL Seigenthaler to FINN Partners is a big change – but our values haven’t wavered. We simply want our name to be as memorable as the work we create for our clients

FINN Partners Nashville, TN

Though we pride ourselves on being an independent agency, we fully embrace the diversity of culture, thought and skill our team represents, both locally and globally. So, much like the other 26 offices in our family, FINN Nashville promotes a values-driven culture. To us, that means that it’s possible to be great while being great people, too. And that “Work hard. Play nice.” mentality starts from the top down.

Areas of Expertise

  • Integrated Marketing

    The FINN Partners Southeast Integrated Marketing Group is comprised of 40 professionals, specializing in marketing and creative strategy, research and insights, branding, digital and print advertising, social media, film and broadcast video, web design, SEO, media buying, and production. Our IM team members partner with brands around the globe and in every sector to develop and execute communications campaigns that breakthrough the clutter to engage audiences and inspire them to act.

  • Corporate

    We believe corporate communications and creativity go hand-in-hand. Our objective on behalf of our corporate clients in every sector is to translate to a range of audiences the ingenuity and innovation that drives their growth. Our integrated campaigns are tailored to ensure we’re delivering on KPIs by assimilating a range of services and disciplines: qual/quant and digital research; media relations and social media across all channels; internal comms, from local to global; Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and reporting; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) program building; investor relations; C-level thought leadership; and crisis planning and comms. We believe the best stories are about how thriving companies come to be. We know how to tell them so that people will listen, appreciate, and act.

  • Consumer Products & Services

    As experts in consumer product marketing for some of the Southeast’s most iconic brands, we specialize in understanding what makes today’s consumers tick. And we know how to ensure our clients captivate the people they care about where they live, work and play. Our consumer specialists come from diverse backgrounds; are adept at all facets of integrated marketing; and are immersed in lifestyle trends, current events and pop culture. This is why our comprehensive digital, social and influencer campaigns work; our global, national and regional coverage lands; and our large-scale events, press previews, seasonal campaigns and new product launches generate buzz. Most importantly, the things we do motivate consumers to explore the products our clients create.

  • Sustainability & ESG

    FINN Southeast believes that conversations relative to the environment, energy and sustainability must be part of every conversation happening in every sector. It’s that important. Our world and all who call it home are at risk; protecting the planet and mitigating climate change will require the collective will of an informed public. We drive these unifying conversations in service to a healthier environment. Specifically, we offer clients guidance in the interrelated realms of environmental protection, energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, and innovation. We counsel corporations that are navigating investors’ demands for accountability relative to Energy, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles; and forging leadership positions in the interrelated environmental, energy, social justice, public health, and sustainability arenas shaped by rapidly evolving policy and climate issues.

  • Government & Nonprofit

    These days, issues are morphing at the stroke of a key and speed of a tweet. Who is in? Who is out? And who is wielding influence in the moment? We keep ahead of it all. Finn Southeast’s experts in the government and nonprofit sectors stay in front of shifting public priorities and constant public needs. We help our clients navigate the pace of change, capitalize on opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and take care of the constituencies that are counting on them. Whether creating issues-driven social media campaigns, rallying stakeholders, enlisting influencers and partners, or mounting capital campaigns, we help our clients navigate the complexities that lie at the intersection of the private and public sectors. We do it by relying on data-driven research to gain a better understanding of values, beliefs and behaviors – then telling human stories behind the statistics that bring people together for the better.

  • Health

    At FINN Southeast, we’ve been honing our health care comms expertise since Nashville began to emerge as a national hub for health care delivery and innovation. Now integral to the global FINN Health practice, we lead communications for myriad health care clients seeking support for clinical-trial recruitment, investor relations, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) program building; Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy and reporting, issues management, opinion leader engagement, product communications, thought-leadership; and traditional and digital media support. Recently named the “Healthcare Agency of the Year” by The Holmes Report, FINN Health collaborates with teams across the globe to amplify the work of leading health and life-science innovators and develop campaigns for the patient-advocacy, payer, policy, provider and product-innovation sectors that build healthier communities and change lives.

  • Travel & Tourism

    We’re more than well-traveled. We’re well-versed in the reasons people love to hit the road, explore, unwind, and seek adventure. Part of FINN Partners’ extensive global Travel & Lifestyle practice, our Southeast team collaborates with colleagues around the world serving destination tourism, hospitality and economic development clients. From cruise lines to airlines to MICE to trade relations – our travel expertise spans the B2B and B2C industry landscape offering clients exclusive opportunities to get their brand on the map.

Work hard, play nice