Katie Seigenthaler

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

I began my career as an editorial assistant for The Washington Post then joined The Chicago Tribune as a cub reporter. Stints as a local political columnist and editor followed. After leaving journalism to raise four children, I entered the public relations field in 2004, first with Seigenthaler Public Relations then FINN Partners. I specialize in creating messaging platforms and developing content for clients that captivates people’s attention and makes them care.

Write what should not be forgotten.

- Isabel Allende

How'd you get here?

I got here the best possible way: by sticking with family. My father Tom Seigenthaler founded a PR firm in Nashville in 1972. After he died in 2004, my sisters Beth & Amy and our cousin John continued to build on his legacy. Tom was – and still is – our inspiration. In 2014 we met and visited Peter Finn. We enjoyed our visit; walking through halls full of his father’s paintings and listening to him talk passionately about FINN’s “Work Hard, Play Nice” culture. That’s when we knew that we found our professional home.

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