Ronald Roberts

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

I’ve had three distinctive careers. I started in television in Nashville and then moved into higher education, at Middle Tennessee State University (my alma mater) as Assistant Director of Public Relations. I moved to the College of Mass Communications faculty, teaching journalism and public relations. After teaching for two years, I made my final career shift joining Dye Van Mol and Lawrence which became DVL Public Relations and Advertising which then merged to become DVL Seigenthaler, a Finn Partners Company.

The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience, but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

How'd you get here?

Traveling an exciting, winding road with a strong foundation of faith. I watched and listened – two skills that are often under utilized and under developed. I sought out strong mentors and learned what to do and sometimes, what not to do. I worked hard. Very hard. And I learned to be patient. In fact, I’m still learning how to be patient.

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