Global Health Impact

Delivering stronger health communications, driving economic growth.

In an era where health challenges span continents, FINN Partners’ Global Health Impact Group stands at the forefront of transformative public health communication. We’re dedicated to addressing the most pressing health and economic development issues worldwide by uniting cross-practice policy, advocacy, and media expertise. Our work has spanned more than 130 countries, targeting vital areas such as immunization, water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, and the effect of climate change on public health. With FINN, your corporate and NGO global public health goals become a shared endeavor driven by passion and expertise.


Case Study | Novartis

OUR WORK Novartis Malaria Futures for Africa and Asia. 600,000 children a year die from malaria and it is predicted that almost all children could be saved with only three doses of a medication that can be made available at a low cost for heavily affected countries. There have been many conferences and consultations held…

Case Studies & Articles

The Global Health Impact Group at FINN Partners creates and deploys impactful campaigns addressing crucial global public health issues. Our team of experts, led by seasoned professionals brings unparalleled knowledge in:

  • Climate Change Impact and Pandemic Preparedness
  • Health-System Development and Resilience
  • Infectious Disease and Immunization Campaigns
  • Maternal and Child Health Initiatives
  • Public Policy Analysis and Communication 
  • Strategic Communication for Policy and Public Attitude Shaping

Whether you represent a multinational corporation, a dynamic startup, a government agency, or a dedicated nonprofit, our expertise in global health impact communication programs and campaigns supports can achieve your goals through research-driven strategies, solid partnerships, and a mix of traditional and digital media approaches.

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