Richard Hatzfeld

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

During the past 25 years, I have enjoyed a career that has kept me engaged with purposeful work in some of the toughest markets around the world. From my roots as a brand manager in Southeast Asia, and the past two decades focused on public health and global development issues working with governments, multinational companies, foundations and NGOs, I’ve seen how access, awareness and action save lives.

I joined FINN Partners at an amazing time as we pursue opportunities to make the case for such vital health investments – and show the convergence between health, policy and corporate responsibility.

There is no vaccine against stupidity.

Albert Einstein

How'd you get here?

Like many of my FINN colleagues, I really don’t like straight lines. After several years in international marketing, I pivoted to work on public health issues that have taken me to the front lines of health in Africa and Asia and to the board rooms of some of the world’s biggest companies. During this time, I’ve focused on communications challenges at the heart of many of our most urgent health issues.

I’ve gone on to create award-winning campaigns to raise global awareness of the burden that parasitic diseases have on billions of people marshalling the efforts of Fortune 50 healthcare companies, the Gates Foundation and World Health Organization. I’ve hung out with Bollywood stars in India and Canadian rock bands in Eastern Congo’s conflict zones.  But it’s all to improve the potential of humanity and protect the planet.

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