Sharon Quntai

East African Communications Specialist

Professional Experience

I’m a communications specialist with vast experience in media relations, providing guidance for companies, NGOs, and other organisations on fast-tracking the approval and uptake of initiatives in Africa. I’ve been involved in numerous design and implementation of policy, advocacy, and communication projects for clients such as Novartis, Gates Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, Climate Clock, Gilead, World Shoe Fund, Sanofi, Gavi, CCIH, etc for over seven years.

I have overseen projects and media relations activities such as Gavi’s community immunisation storytelling, Novartis’ Malafa report, Novartis Access launch in East Africa, Climate Emergency Day media outreach for Climate Clock, Sanofi Pasteur’s stakeholder mapping and CCIH’s family planning story mining in rural areas, among others.

With my journalism background, I bring expertise and understanding of the African media to help clients create effective communications strategies that garner media visibility in Africa.

It’s not the big moves that change everything—it’s the smallest ones in your everyday life that do.

- Mel Robbins

How'd you get here?

My journey began with a deep-rooted interest in both healthcare and communications. As a journalist, I was drawn to understanding how effective communication can drive positive health outcomes and bridge gaps in access to information and resources, especially in marginalised communities in Kenya. This led me to pursue a career in public relations, focusing on areas such as public health, communications, media relations and stakeholder engagement, laying the groundwork for my career path.

My journey to specialising in health communications in East Africa has been marked by a genuine commitment to understanding the region’s unique healthcare landscape. I engaged with local communities, learned about their health priorities, and listened to their perspectives. This firsthand insight helped me tailor communication strategies that resonated with diverse audiences and effectively addressed their needs.