Wendy Lane Stevens

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

I come from a long line of entrepreneurial businesspeople so, of course, I pursued a business degree. As a fifth-generation Oregonian who wants to see the world, I have worked in national fashion retail, manufacturing, integrated marketing and public relations. While a generalist at heart, my deep experience is in finance, consumer, food, beverage and hospitality PR. I started my first company at 15 and my second at 40. I am so proud that the agency I started by myself in a one-room office is now a Finn Partners Company.

Wendy's Can Fly.

How'd you get here?

I have always been interested in people, their stories and what motivates them. Marketing was a natural fit. Marketing has allowed me to learn about people’s stories and turn them into opportunities for growth – for their businesses and for me. Several core values have helped along the way: excellence in products and services, integrity, and simply being nice.

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