Alicia Young

Founding Managing Partner, New York

Professional Experience

I’ve been working in various public relations agency roles for the past twenty years – spending time at both independent and publically held firms.   I have spent the majority of my time supporting companies in the technology and consumer sectors, for brands such as Microsoft, GE, The North Face, Reebok, IEEE and  At the same time, I have purposely avoided specialization – and have welcomed opportunities to work in corporate, crisis, financial and healthcare communications.  Since joining Finn Partners, we have focused on building a world-class agency where I have been actively involved in integrating new partners into the agency – from London to New York to Nashville.  Great agencies are made up of great people; I am proud of what Finn Partners has accomplished to date and even more enthusiastic about our future.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

How'd you get here?

I don’t think many people know this, but I went to college with every intention of becoming a kindergarten teacher.  However, fate –  and a professor – intervened.  Rather than teaching, I pursued writing, which led to my first job as a correspondent for the Hartford Courant newspaper.  Being a reporter was thrilling and humbling.  Meeting new people, crafting their stories, working against a deadline – I loved it all, and I still love doing that today.

Fast forward through multiple positions at large and small public relations agencies, and I am grateful to work at Finn Partners.  Our entrepreneurial spirit is constantly fueling new ideas for a rapidly evolving industry, and I feel that my career is still progressing.  In my view, there is always another client, colleague or company that I want to meet, work with or learn from.  Someone once told me: “what got you here won’t get you there.”  I am excited for what lies ahead.

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