Peter Finn

CEO, Founding Managing Partner

Professional Experience

I played the central role in the creation of FINN Partners and the development of the practices and offices that make up our global agency. Over the years, my contributions as Founding Managing Partner have included the recruitment of key executives, the orchestration of domestic and global acquisitions of agencies specializing in many different industry sectors and different communications services. We’ve developed a powerful team, acquiring top notch agencies and integrating them into our firm, building what began as a small agency in 2011 into one of the top independent agencies in the world.

FINN Partners is the fulfillment of a dream.

How'd you get here?

For many of us, our life paths are the result of opportunity and chance. I never intended to go into public relations. As a student, I planned a career in academia. Both my undergraduate degree from Brown and my Masters from Columbia are in Literature. There were very few academic openings in the mid-1970s and I found myself in need of a job, and as luck (or fate) would have it, there was an opening in the research department at NY-based PR firm, Ruder Finn. I took that job but I made it clear to my employer (who happened to be my father) that I would under no circumstances stay for more than a year. That was in 1977, and while I’m sure I meant it at the time, today I look back on a career that spans over 40 years in PR.

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