Brand Strategy & Development

Expressing your brand's unique personality.

Your business comes down to your brand. It’s how you stand out from competitors, reach customers and the media, increase sales, and boost revenue. So if you haven’t defined your brand, the world won’t see how great you are or all the value you can bring.

FINN Partners has the clear vision and deep marketing expertise to deliver brand strategy and development that can’t be surpassed.

We’ll help you achieve your business goals by building a rock solid brand — which all starts with clearly articulating your message, mission, audiences, and key differentiators.

Case Study | NutriBullet

Taking a brand from infomercial icon to lifestyle leader.

Case Studies & Articles

Step 1: Our Global Intelligence team uses their skill, experience and advanced research and analytics tools to audit the landscape and define the “white space” to which your brand can lay claim.

Step 2: Our creative talent gets to work developing the assets and messaging that will inform future campaigns and plans — and, of course, drive business success.

FINN’s capabilities include:

  • Brand discovery and audit
  • Brand personality and identity development
  • Visual branding: logo, brand guidelines, colour palette
  • Verbal branding: brand voice and tone, value prop, tagline development
  • Strategic positioning and messaging
  • Audience persona research, identification, and development