Quickening the pace and pulse of health innovation.

The pace of health innovation never stops. From new pharmaceutical advances to how hospital services are accessed, a dramatic and long-anticipated shift in healthcare is happening — and new opportunities are arising.  FINN works across the health ecosystem to catalyze interest and action to help our clients achieve their business goals.  

Named “Healthcare Agency of the Year” by PRovoke Media and HITMC, FINN Partners delivers a full suite of healthcare marketing agency services. Our teams across the globe are fierce champions of health innovation, from introducing medical breakthroughs to helping our clients offer life-enhancing care.


Case Study | Belong.Life

Enhancing quality of life & care for chronic disease patients.

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FINN serves the full range of the health sector — patient-advocacy, payer, policy, provider, and product-innovation — and always creates amazing, award-winning brand and corporate advertising and public health campaigns that change lives.

FINN delivers excellent support across a range of areas that include:

  • Clinical-trial recruitment
  • Hospital/Provider communications
  • Investor relations
  • Issues management
  • Key-opinion leader engagement
  • Product communications
  • Scientific communications and scientific writing 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Thought leadership
  • Treatment decisions
  • Health Brand Strategy & Development

    A compelling message, clear benefits, and an engaging, encouraging personality — those are the keys to raising awareness and building advantages for your health sector business. We’ll help you do it, through detailed research and  experience in patient engagement and HCP marketing for pharmaceutical, medical device, digital health, health IT companies.

  • Health Corporate Communications

    Your voice and tone have to be consistent, compelling, and always aligned to your brand values. We build healthcare communications strategies that strike that tone — and, if needed, we craft honest responses to protect your brand and give you peace of mind. FINN’s approach helps clients explain the complexities in healthcare, including how to respond to non-ending change, physicians, patients, and the healthcare community at large.

  • Health Development, Politics & Public Affairs

    Creating an impact and making progress in the health field takes maintaining strong relationships with legislators and stakeholders. We can help you build those relationships — along with a health public affairs strategy that’s clear and effective.

    Additionally, developing countries are becoming more and more influential in shaping international policy debates. We have helped many clients in shaping the development agenda. We don’t believe that development is the job of governments alone. Hence, we work actively in creating public-private partnerships and, sometimes, multilateral partnerships involving several private actors and civil society. We’re experts in innovative finance and access to results-based funding.

  • Health Digital Marketing

    Integrated communications programs that put clients at the forefront of healthcare digital marketing is intrinsic to our work. We create a customized digital marketing plan to cover all your needs, from video content to social media.

  • Health Investor Relations

    Industry innovators trust FINN to design investor relations strategies that facilitate access to capital from pre-clinical to commercial stage. FINN ensures effective communications between our clients and the financial community. We create IR programs that secure market interest and shareholder engagement and continued support.  We plan and support R & D days, non-deal roadshows, bank conference meetings, and secure real-time feedback to leverage near-term opportunities while optimizing long-term value.

  • Health Knowledge Transfer & Capacity Building

    Many consultancies see their job as creating dependent clients — organisations that will need to pay for ever-increasing levels of consultant support. We see things differently: if we enable clients to build competence and capacity within their own organisations, we think that we will assist organizations in developing more and more sophisticated approaches, leveraging greater internal capacity.

  • Health Public Relations

    Health businesses and institutions can benefit greatly by having a strong, genuine, lasting relationship with the media. We’ll help you build that relationship, nurturing new networks and growing your health brand in your key markets. FINN healthcare public relations services position your experts and your company as healthcare leaders. We build close and longstanding relationships with all the prominent healthcare media outlets and trade associations. These relationships pay enormous dividends to our clients in the form of regional, national and global exposure.

  • Health Research & Insights

    The health and health care fields are constantly growing and evolving, and success requires research and insights your business or institution can rely on. We have the expertise and resources to conduct market research and deliver insights on a global scale.

  • Health Risk Perception & Crisis Management

    We excel at proactive crisis management, which includes forecasting potential disruptions and preparing contingency plans to deal with them. In case of an unprepared organisation faced with a serious situation, Hyderus steps in to identify the real nature of the current problem, implement measures to minimise damage and plan for recovery. We focus on rebuilding the public image and reputation of the company.

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