High-touch communications for a high-tech world.

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we engage with the world and each other — both in business and in life. That’s why every organisation in every sector, from healthcare to financial services, is seeking the right technology partners on their journey of innovation-powered experiences and possibilities.

FINN Partners is one of the top technology PR companies with three global technology teams. We use our deep expertise and understanding of tech trends to help clients of all kinds transform their brands, build their ecosystems and become trusted drivers of digital transformation through strategic communications programmes.


Case Study | Blackmore

Restoring faith in an auto tech innovator.

Case Studies & Articles

The drive for technology innovation impacts countless businesses, such as: enterprise and consumer tech giants who must re-establish their relevance; innovative startups who must demonstrate their credibility and value; and non-traditional tech companies needing to communicate their technology platform.

Our award-winning technology team serves them all by pairing seasoned, professional communications leadership with a data-driven mindset, and the right expertise across critical breakthroughs in key areas, including:

  • 5G connectivity
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Enterprise software
  • Supply chain
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Machine learning
  • Robotic process automation
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum computing
  • Gaming
  • Consumer electronics
  • B2B
  • Tech Advertising

    We have unmatched expertise when it comes to advertising technology to the right audience and market. We’ll use data-driven tactics to increase your brand awareness and hit your goals — thus maximizing the ROI of your ad efforts.

  • Tech Brand Strategy & Development

    A compelling message, clear mission, and engaging personality — that’s how a tech product or service stands out from the competition and succeeds in a crowded market. We’ll help you do it, through a combination of detailed research and vast experience.

  • Tech Content Marketing

    Driving traffic to your site takes relevant tech content that’s high quality. It has to be interesting, insightful, and trustworthy — and that’s what we deliver.

  • Tech Corporate Communications

    Your voice and tone have to be consistent, compelling, and always aligned to your brand values. We build communication strategies that strike that tone — and, if needed, we craft honest responses to protect your brand and give you peace of mind.

  • Tech Digital Marketing

    We’ll rely on extensive research, best practices, and burgeoning trends to create a digital marketing plan customized to your tech company. Our integrated approach will cover all your needs, from video content to social media.

  • Tech Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing can be highly effective, but it takes finding the influencer who matches your product or service with the right personality and style. We have close relationships with numerous influencers who can help you hit your goals.

  • Tech Public Affairs

    The tech sector impacts us on a societal level, and making progress requires building and maintain strong relationships with legislators and stakeholders. We have the experience in the tech space to help you create a strong public affairs strategy. some agencies to be a great place to work, but we want to be the best.

  • Tech Public Relations

    Tech brands and companies can benefit greatly by having a strong, genuine, lasting relationship with the media. We’ll help you build that relationship, nurturing new networks and fueling your growth in target markets around the world.

  • Tech Research & Insights

    Tech is a fast-moving, ever-evolving industry, and succeeding in it requires research and insights you can rely on. FINN Partners has the deep expertise and resources to conduct market research and deliver insights on a global scale.

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