Shining the spotlight on advanced supply chain security.

Almost every major brand and organization relies on the global supply chain — and the COVID-19 pandemic revealed its fragility. Companies now know they have to guard the chain closely. Interos helps them do it, with real-time risk management to ensure operational resilience. FINN Partners worked with Interos to elevate the imperative of global supply chain risk management and demonstrate how Interos’ industry-first technology delivers on it.

FINN created a strategy to grow Interos’ brand awareness by spotlighting its groundbreaking solution — the application of AI and automation to supply chain risk management.


Help Interos emphasize the need for effective global supply chain risk management and introduce the advanced technology it provides.


Supply Chain & Logistics


share of voice leadership


increase in inbound requests


increase in recurring revenue

The Work

To raise Interos’ profile, we produced a brand education program and developed and activated creative, compelling content.

We also secured placement (and hijacked news cycles) in tier one and priority vertical media, to elevate executive positioning and thought leadership.

Over the course of nine months, this included 107 placements — and 232 placements through our syndication strategy — in top-tier outlets, including Bloomberg, Bloomberg Radio, Business Insider (x3), Cheddar, CIO, Financial Times, Forbes (x3), Fox Business, Newsweek, NPR, The Hill, Wall Street Journal, and ZDNet.

Our solutions led to a dramatic rise in share of voice leadership — from <5% to a dominating 70% — as well as a 500% increase in inbound requests and 133% increase in recurring revenue.