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Amy Terpeluk to Lead the FINN Global Purpose and Social Impact Practice

March 19, 2024

Terpeluk’s Appointment Acknowledges her Powerful Vision of the Agency’s Purpose and Social Impact Practice Growth and Lays the Groundwork for Continued Global Expansion

New York – FINN Partners announced today that Amy Terpeluk, managing partner, is promoted to Global Purpose and Social Impact Practice Lead. Amy has led the flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Impact Group since 2017, and her appointment to Practice Lead recognizes her ability to chart how social impact transcends C-Suite, Communications, Investor Relations, Marketing, and Customer Service functions.

In this new role, Amy works with more than 100 communication colleagues with expertise in corporate reputation and citizenship, employee engagement, sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, and issues management across industries and the Agency. The Purpose and Social Impact Practice focus areas include climate tech innovation, sustainable agriculture, public health, and education, among other environmental, economic, and social issues being addressed by corporate and nonprofit organizations. FINN colleague Gil Bashe, Chair Global Health and Purpose, champions the Purpose and Social Impact Practice.

“Amy mobilizes colleagues along the visionary path set by FINN Founding Partner and CEO Peter Finn, Founding Managing Partner Dena Merriam, and the late Anne Glauber, who served as her mentor and led the New York CSR and Social Impact Group at the launch of FINN Partners in 2011,” said Gil Bashe, Chair Global Health and Purpose. “When many companies stumbled launching edgy campaigns that did not align with their customer expectations, it was Amy who guided industry and media to explain how to do this right – to link business goals and strategy to social impact,” he added.

“I am thrilled to embrace this important role,” said Terpeluk. “First and foremost, I want to thank Peter Finn for founding an agency with purpose at its heart. The Purpose and Social Impact Practice is an extension of his core values including work hard, play nice, and make a difference for people and the planet. Amid economic volatility, Purpose must align with company business goals. In this socially and politically charged environment, the great need for counsel on sound direction is never an afterthought. I look forward to serving colleagues and clients worldwide, helping them navigate this complex territory and serve customers’ interests, business stakeholders, investors and employees.”

“Amy is a leader who creates leadership throughout the FINN community.  As a leader, she has the courage to go on record and differentiate between what is flash or strategic,” said Dena Merriam, founding managing partner and the convener of the Global Peace Initiative of Women and efforts with the United Nations. Social impact efforts must transcend the ‘do good to look good mindset.’ Amy guides mega-companies and not-for-profit foundation executives to align purpose efforts to their business strategy, desired outcomes, and customer expectations,” she added.

FINN-related social impact efforts elevate the Agency to the top of O’Dwyer’s 2022 category audit. The Practice grew by 20% YoY and is riding a wave of momentum fueled by recent client wins, including GE HealthCare, GoFundMe and the Bob Woodruff Foundation, along with  longstanding clients such as Verizon and Bridgestone. In addition, the Practice continues to add talent and expand service offerings to meet client demands in the complex global business landscape.

Terpeluk’s career journey began in Hollywood, where she worked as a New Line Cinema publicist on blockbuster films, including the Oscar award-winning “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. She helped launch and serves on the board of the NO MORE Foundation, a global effort galvanizing greater awareness to end domestic and sexual violence. A strategic guide to corporations, she co-authored the study “The Proportion of U.S. Parents Who Talk with Their Adolescent Children About Dating Abuse,” published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

“FINN Partners was launched on purpose and for purpose,” reflects Peter Finn, founding partner and CEO of FINN Partners. “During the past 11 years, we have grown from $35 million to almost $200 million in fees and experienced incredible economic and geographic growth. We remain true to our vision and values.  My father, David, had an expansive vision that sought to make a difference in the world. We are fortunate that leaders like Amy see that true north as a career-building inspiration,” he added.

Recognized by the industry with many of its highest honors, including the PRWeekWomen of Distinction,” “40 Under 40,” and PRSA Award of Excellence, she is a sought-after speaker at global forums, including 3BL Forum Brands Taking Stands, UN Women’s Strategic Imperatives for Ending Violence against Women Conference and Wired Safety’s Stop Cyberbullying Conference on Capitol Hill, among others. Terpeluk holds a B.S. in Communications from George Washington University.

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