Whether it’s B2B or B2C, technology transforms how we work and live. We partner with companies of all sizes in the technology ecosystem. Our clients seek to drive transformation whether on a category, industry, or global scale. We build their brands, establish CEO thought leadership and create market readiness, for software services and products.

Simply put, Finn Partners technology practice has the expertise, passion, connections, and agility to support our clients who are innovating every day.

Our integrated digital communications approach challenges clients to push their narratives forward, create new agendas, and become industry leaders that are changing the future. And, we believe we’re the best in developing the storylines that engage key industry influencers, analysts and media. Our award winning programs and real results have changed the course of our clients’ paths, and made a real difference in their trajectory.

Technology Case Studies

  • Logitech

Showcasing Logitech in high-style fashion shows during the Consumer Electronics Show, 2015
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  • DHL

A behind-the-scenes story for this first-ever all electric racing series
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  • GT Nexus
GT Nexus

Unleashing the power of the network
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  • Rovi Corporation
Rovi Corporation

Raising Rovi’s leadership profile for an otherwise overlooked topic
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  • IEEE

IEEE: Dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity
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