OUR WORK google fiber

Bringing gigabit internet to communities across the Southern US.

Maintain regional excitement for Google Fiber throughout the process of building and deploying a fiber optic internet network from scratch.


Launch and establish GFiber as the preferred fiber optic internet provider in Nashville, and across the southeast.




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The Work

Starting in 2015,  FINN Partners kicked off a public relations campaign to officially launch Google Fiber’s presence in Nashville. The industry’s largest competitors put up a significant fight, however FINN navigated Google Fiber through these obstacles — and COVID — by building goodwill with the community in myriad ways.

In fact, our program built such strong grassroots support for GFiber, we sustained the same level of excitement with Nashvillians from Day One through to the full rollout of the service across the city, several years later. The Nashville Business Journal named “Google Fiber Goes Live” as its Story of the Year, capturing the overwhelming interest and buzz FINN’s program generated throughout Tennessee.

GFiber helped transform Nashville into a regional hub for innovation and technology, and FINN’s approach created a comms blueprint for the company’s expansion into other cities. Building on this success, GFiber expanded its partnership with FINN to launch its service into markets including Atlanta, Huntsville, and Louisville, and there are still more to come.