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The Growing Team at Finn Partners

July 10, 2013

I am very pleased that my good friend Scott Widmeyer has decided to merge his agency, Widmeyer Communications, into Finn Partners.

I have had enormous respect for Scott and his team of professionals for many years, and felt that their focus on doing thoughtful work on important issues made the firm a great fit for Finn Partners.  My hope is that the Finn Partners focus on creating one of the best places to work in the PR agency world will make this an easy transition for the entire Widmeyer team.

Our newest announcement comes on the heels of some pretty exciting developments for Finn Partners since our launch.  Here are some highlights:

  • Internal launch of Finn Partners within Ruder Finn, Inc. with approximately $18 million in fees, January 2011
  • Acquisition of LA-based The Rogers Group, April 2011
  • Official Public Launch of Finn Partners, Dec. 2011
  • Close of first year since internal launch with $23.5 million in fees, representing a 30% growth over our starting level.
  • Finn Partners selected by the Holmes Report as Best New Agency, April 2012
  • Finn Partners announces opening of an office in London, Oct. 2012
  • Finn Partners announces the acquisition of M. Silver, leading travel and economic development boutique, December 2012
  • Close of our first year with $32 million in fees, including M. Silver, representing a 36% increase over the prior year.
  • Finn Partners selected by The Holmes Report as Best Agency to Work for in North America
  • Finn Partners announces the acquisition of Widmeyer Communications and sets goal for 2013 fees of $45 million. This would represent a 40% increase over the prior year!

I understand from Scott that the collaborative culture we have built at Finn Partners was a key factor in his decision.  I care about every one of my colleagues and very much want the growth and continued exciting developments at Finn Partners to benefit each and every member of our team. Our first Finn Partners ad proudly displayed the names of the 180 people. Today our team has grown to about 280 working out of our 8 offices.  I hope that they all continue to be excited about their future with the company and believe that at Finn Partners they have the best  opportunity to do outstanding work for great clients, and that they are on a promising career path within our firm.

POSTED BY: Peter Finn

Peter Finn