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B2B communications need to talk to people like people

March 12, 2020

The let’s talk about CX Campaign.

We recently helped our client HGS Digital launch a brand awareness and lead generation campaign with digital advertising.  The campaign targets CMOs and the rest of the C-suite.  Below, we share the campaign—it’s clever and worth a quick gander—along with some of the research insights that shaped it.  The big take away is that the best communications speak to people like people and reach the head and the heart.  That is, business jargon can cloud your message, or worse, make it easy to ignore.

HGS Digital, it’s parent is based in India, is steadily building business in North America.  At the core of their offerings are deep experience with digital customer experience (CX) and a track record of solutions helping make those experiences better.  Theirs is a crowded space with known players like Accenture and Deloitte and countless others competing for share of voice and marketing spend. 

HGS bills itself as a digital transformation solutions provider, which it is, but the research showed that c-suite buyers of these services A) don’t quite know what digital transformation is and B) don’t always talk openly among themselves about the challenges they face.  Everyone, however, understands that better customer experiences or better CX is good for business. We set out to demystify the topic and get people talking.   

Enter the let’s talk about CX campaign.  The rest of this story tells itself.   Check out some of the digital ads in the market and see for yourself.







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Joe Walsh