Joe Walsh

Professional Services Practice Leader

Professional Experience

The lion’s share of my work is in brand research, brand strategy, brand makeovers or creative campaigns that fundamentally change the way a business is perceived. I’m also adept at convincing senior executives and their boards that their brand or communication issues need executive attention and sizeable problem solving budgets. Currently lead FINN’s global professional services sector, which serves consulting, law, accounting, wealth management, engineering, architecture or other firms where the product is the people—though I’ve dabble in energy, financial services, technology and health care accounts. Bottom line, I help clients tell really good stories and get remembered.  Just like I was raised to do.

Marketing is like one giant cocktail party, those who tell the best stories get remembered.

How'd you get here?

Raised by an affable family of Irish-heritage who treasured, toasted to and told good stories. Spent close to 14 years as an in-house marketer doing every marketing job under the sun for what was then the largest global consulting firm — from the menial to the more meaningful.  Proposals. Events. Database building. Advertising. PR. Major Account team support. Planning. Research. Leadership. You name it. Discovered a latent creative gene along the way, ran an acclaimed skunk works in-house agency for the firm, wound up a partner responsible for look, feel and voice of the global brand.  When that firm hit a large iceberg and sank, I moved to the agency side and have served marketing challenged clients of all sizes—all over the map—for the last 16 years.

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