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The Goal

Winston Privacy - The Goal
  • Launch a new solution for internet privacy at home
    Winston Privacy needed to debut a completely new plug-and-play solution for home privacy, a hardware device that offers complete protection from corporate spies, hackers, and warrantless government surveillance.

The Plan

Winston Privacy - The Plan
  • Took center stage at CES
    Announce the company’s consumer technology product and a new round of investor funding in the weeks leading up to CES.

    Briefing journalists out in front of the show to get Winston Privacy considered for CES "sneak peek" preview features.
  • Spotlighted the problem with an ownable study
    Developed a comprehensive report on the state of data privacy -- one of the most widely covered consumer topics -- and generated attention in advance of CES.
  • Spotlighted the strength of hardware
    And its capabilities compared to software and other applications.

The Execution

Winston Privacy - The Execution
  • Issued proprietary State of Data Privacy Research
    This new study revealed compelling data about consumers and their internet privacy practices and behaviors.
  • Activated ON-THE-GROUND media support
    Leverage Finn Partners on-the-ground technology team -- and CES veterans -- to elevate Winston Privacy in Las Vegas.
  • Pre-briefed tech journalists and CES reporters
    Offered product samples, briefings with Winston Privacy CEO, and advance review of the new study.

The Results

Raised awareness through top-tier CES features

that in some cases led with Winston Privacy -- in high-reach media like The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Seattle Times

Drove business Leads

by significantly increasing product sales and website traffic, as well as interest from eCommerce partners

Winston Privacy - The Results

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