Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, Work Overview


Now here’s a fun assignment: the complete rebranding of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America. Just the thought makes you want to pop a cork and swirl the amber liquid around your glass. But WSWA has a serious marketing challenge—Americans (including lawmakers) are not aware that the 21st Amendment repealing Prohibition gave states the power to regulate alcohol within their borders.

All states chose to establish a variation of the three-tier system, and wholesale distribution became critical to consumer protection on several fronts (product safety, for one; think moonshine). Wholesalers also collect taxes and keep track of every bottle distributed. But challenges occur every day from those who want to skirt around state-by-state laws; for example, California winemakers want to ship directly to you in New York and Walmart wants to cut out the middleman with its own distribution network. Thus, our job was to remind—or, in many cases, educate—lawmakers of the positive role wholesale distributors play in the system and that this role is legally protected.

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