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SkillNet is a consultative technology partner to leading brands around the world. They work with many of the companies we all know—like Disney Stores, Lululemon and Burberry.

SkillNet helps retailers implement the technology that allows customers—like you and me—to shop on our phones, home computers, in the physical store, or some combination of all three.

As a shopper, you know the drill. You might buy online, have your items delivered to you, or choose to pick up your item at the store—only to decide, later, to return or exchange the item at another store in another location. Despite all the complex machinations behind the scenes, we all expect this process to be seamless and to recognized as a loyal customer in each encounter. Easier said than done.  

Expensive legacy retail systems don’t always talk to each other. This can result in customer frustrations, lost sales or both. Enter SkillNet. They apply and integrate advanced technology to help retailers succeed by making shopping easier and shoppers happier—wherever, whenever and however we all choose to shop.

While the core project was replacing an old and tired website with something new and in step with the firm’s marketing savvy clientele, this was a brand positioning and brand makeover exercise. SkillNet had evolved from a brick-and-mortar systems integrator to what they and their clients are today: “Makers of Modern Commerce.” Under this banner, we positioned SkillNet as consultative, can do experts in five areas:

  • Making shopping seamless across all channels.
  • Making mobile commerce on our phones ever smarter.
  • Making the promise of customer personalization possible.
  • Making digital technology scalable as ecommerce accelerates.
  • Making data count by putting data to work, harder.

SkillNet’s competitive advantage is a suite of technology accelerators and a deep international team of consultants that are 100 percent% focused on commerce. It’s all they do. This means brands close the gap faster between what’s possible and what’s imperative for today’s commerce. While the SkillNet brand is underpinned by world-class engineering and technical know-how, the messaging rises above tech speak and focuses on shoppers and their satisfaction. Ultimately, isn’t that what modern technology and modern commerce is about?

On the site—old and new, shown below—FINN created the architecture, UX, design, messaging and wrote much of the copy. In the spirit of client partnership, the SkillNet team, based in India, developed the site. SkillNet leaders even came up with the “Makers of Modern Commerce” tagline on their own. Nice. They are great partners. See the new website live at

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