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Larkins Vacura Masters the Art of Litigation

The high powered Northwest litigation boutique, Larkins Vakura Kayser, came to us with a strong brand promise and a not so strong way of conveying their message. The old logo, website and advertisements were more bland than brand. The premise behind LVK’s Art of Litigation promise is simple: After nearly 20 years of doing what we they do best, litigation has become art for the firm. And their results speak for themselves.

The new begins with a cleaned up and modernized logo. It hits its stride with words and images that give meaning to the firm’s craft. Phrases like Old School Modernists, Business Realists and Non Abstract Impressionists suggest the firm clarifies the complex, understand the practicalities of business and litigation, and makes arguments that ring loud, clear and true with decision makers. Compared to other, often larger firms, LVK staffs matters leanly with the belief that a well-placed approach isn’t about the numbers. It’s about the talent.

Larkins Vakura Kayser now has a way to express their value proposition on the web and in ads for the legal trades (a source of referrals). The new is as impressive as the lawyers of the firm and their track records. Speaking of impressive, the new bios — shot and produced with our in house photographer — serve as a kind of microsite for each of the firm’s lead attorneys.

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