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The Goal

Goodwill - The Goal
  • Remind the community
    of Goodwill's true mission, which is to give people a better life through job training and placement programs.

The Plan

Goodwill - The Plan
  • Tell How Goodwill Changes Lives:
    Give it to Goodwill

    Get it From Goodwill

    What You Give is a Better Life

The Execution

Goodwill - The Execution
  • television
  • radio
  • print

The Results

Donation Influx

Goodwill recorded an average of 4,130 donors each day at their 83 donation sites and donations exceeded one million donors during the campaign run.

Increased Sales

Retail stores saw 251,037 additional transactions.

Career Opportunities

Career Solutions served 28,259 people and placed 9,558 people in jobs. An average of 797 people were placed into jobs each month.

Goodwill - The Results
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