Brother, Work Overview


The Goal

The Goal

Brother - The Goal
  • Increase awareness and thought leadership

  • Build customer relationships through outreach

  • Grow social audience and engagements

The Strategy

The Strategy

Brother - The Plan

    Create thought leadership by showcasing brand knowledge through shared tools and insights

    Leverage news outlets to bring the brand to life in the minds of business owners

    Tell the brand story through the end-user experience to accentuate authenticity

    Market to highly targeted audiences on social media with custom messaging intended to warm the funnel for lead generation efforts

The Execution

The Execution

Brother - The Execution
  • Digital Transformation

  • Social Media custom content

  • Consumer Media Relations & Events coordination

  • Thought leadership content

  • Strategic messaging

  • Highly targeted paid social campaigns

The Results

The Results

launch of awareness campaigns in 5 verticals:

Government, Healthcare, Corporate, Retail and Education, resulting in over 5,000 clicks to various strategically chosen landing pages on the BROTHER Business Solutions website.

Launched Government lead-generation initiatives

resulting in over 133 leads in the first campaign. As a result, lead generation is being launched in 4 other verticals to match and exceed previous efforts.

Developed the 2020 Security White Paper

that is being used for new lead generation efforts and organic social media.

769% increase in group audiences since launch

As of 3/20, BROTHER’s LinkedIn account has grown to 3,669 followers, since launching our campaign last March, with BROTHER’s Facebook growing to 10,197 followers since the September launch.

Brother - The Results
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