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The Goal

Breathe Easy Nashville - The Goal
  • Develop a kit
    for the Metro Public Health Department’s Sales team to use to recruit new multi-unit housing complexes to join the smoke-free facility movement.  
  • Educate residents
    that it’s their right to demand smoke-free living from their property manager and/or owner. 

The Plan

Breathe Easy Nashville - The Plan
  • humanize the residents
    who may have asthma, allergies, or small children to the property owners. 
  • show the lifetime savings
    of a smoking property vs. a non-smoking property to property owners, e.g., to turn over one smoking residence can cost an additional $15,000 per unit. 

The Execution

Breathe Easy Nashville - The Execution

The Results

Compelling Creative

Digitally, all click through rates and video completion rates were well above industry average, signifying that our creative was compelling to consumers.

reached 60% of the target audience

On average, the Cable schedule delivered 840,000 impressions, reaching 60% of the target audience a total of 2.6 times.  As part of our Cable package, Comcast provided an extra 269,196 online video impressions across the targeted Nashville DMA zones.

Digital Success

On average, the digital schedule delivered 1,955,879 impressions, 5,728 clicks, and posted a 0.29% click through rate (CTR) with a 70.26% video completion rate (VCR).

Social Support

One month of social media support (via Facebook) reached 134,635 people with an average frequency of 14 and delivered a total of 54 new page likes and 153 post reactions (likes, shares, comments, etc.)

Breathe Easy Nashville - The Results

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