Berman Tabacco, Work Overview

Financial Justice and A New Brand Delivered

The bicoastal Berman Tabacco firm’s new website and the brand makeover was created to address two problems:

  1. The old site was dated, unimpressive and did not work on a mobile device.
  1. The firm’s historical strength and position in securities litigation for institutional investor plaintiffs had become less of an advantage as the number of these case's in the US reduced.

On the latter problem, Berman’s experience in other complex financial loss cases—like antitrust, ERISA and consumer matters— is extensive. The strategic goal is to continue to extend the Berman brand from securities to broader financial matters.

Enter the theme: Financial Justice Delivered. This theme synthesizes a positioning statement that guided the site’s design, copy and content: "Berman Tabacco lawyers and investigators are uniquely principled, devoted and proven advocates for financial justice. We will rally around your cause, passionately guard your interests or investments, and maximize your chances of recovering what is rightfully yours."

The site brings these messages to market clearly and convincingly. Paired with a new logo, color palette, journalistic imagery style, new attorney photos and fully rewritten content, the old becomes new, and the positioning becomes broader.


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