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What To Do With Your B2B Tech Influencers, Part 3

January 9, 2020

If you’ve been keeping up with my series, you should now be in a place where you understand B2B versus B2C influencer marketing programs and know how to go about identifying influencers in the B2B space. But you’re probably sitting there wondering “what do I do with these influencers now that I have them?!”

Well, part three is here to inform you.

Activations and Deliverables

Typically for a B2C program your activation revolves around having an influencer promote a specific product on social media. But as we know with B2B, you often don’t have a physical product. So, here are some alternative options:

  • Events – come up with a list of relevant events and have an influencer attend on your behalf or even in conjunction with your own attendance. They can post on social before, during and after the event with a mention of your company to drive brand awareness.
  • Social Media – have your influencers post both long and short form content either from the events they go to or the campaigns you work with them on, across the channels that matter most to you. Typically, Twitter and LinkedIn are the way to go for B2B. On platforms like LinkedIn, you can even have influencers post long form content that acts as a blog post.
  • Networkingrequire influencers within contracts to network on your behalf at events you’re sending them to and ensure they bring back feedback from prospects. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even provide an incentive for lead generation.
  • News announcements and campaignshave influencers promote marketing/PR campaigns and news announcements via their social channels. If you have a company blog, ask them to post a few of the blogs on a regular basis.

I have one final post in the queue that I can’t wait to share with you all. We’ll cover how B2B influencer marketing programs drive value for your brand. Stay tuned!

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