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Staying on Message – Widely and Consistently to Elevate Your Brand

August 13, 2020

Strong and compelling messaging is essential for any company to differentiate itself in the market and when launching a product or service or updating its brand. It provides your customers with clear and defined values that inspire and motivate and helps them make an informed purchasing decision.

Since strategic messaging provides your company with a dynamic brand voice, it should be woven into everything that you create to maximize its mileage. The descriptive language should help frame your brand story to let customers and prospects understand the business value you can deliver and why they should choose to work with you versus competitors.

Once you have your messaging finalized, apply it to everything – every medium, platform, activity and customer touchpoint. This consistency will help your company build brand credibility, reliability and, most importantly, recognition in your industry. As the old adage goes, it’s the “rule of 7,” meaning it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place. So, the more amplification of your brand message across multiple touch points, the better.

Digital Space

The first place a customer goes to learn about your products or services is likely your website. Create a separate landing page for the newly launched offering, spotlighting it on the home page carousel, in the most recent news announcement and the latest blog entry.  The brand message should be displayed prominently and consistently throughout.  This will help with SEO as well since a customer who recalls your offer will search those key words online when looking for a specific product.

Your messaging should also be included in any content created for social media to reinforce your unique brand proposition and make it synonymous with your product.  Messaging should also be incorporated in visual graphics that are created both for organic and paid social media content that you develop for your brand.  To address the pain points of your target audiences, your value proposition can and should be tailored – what you communicate about your product on Facebook may take a different tone or style on LinkedIn, and so forth.

Trade Shows & Marketing Collateral

Any materials created for a trade show should include your brand messaging – it should be prominently featured and reflected in the overall booth design to promote your product and service. Your brand messaging should be carried through in any sales and marketing collateral developed for attendees as a leave-behind.  You want your brand’s message to leave a lasting impression with potential customers and have it resonate long after the show is over. And if going virtual – as so many trade shows are due to COVID-19  the rule still applies: your messaging should take center stage to effectively showcase your brand and complement the visuals that elevate the customer experience.  

Thought Leadership

Lastly and equally important, your brand messaging should be part of any thought leadership content that your company produces – this goes for blogs, articles, features, case studies and other editorial pieces used for inbound or outbound marketing.  This strong foundation will significantly boost your leadership position in the industry, elevate brand preference and enhance brand authenticity. And, if done correctly, the initial exercise you conduct to determine your messaging will uncover the true pain points and challenges of your customers, informing your thought leadership strategy.


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