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Katzenberg, Cannabusiness and Fried Chicken… or just another day at SXSW

March 8, 2019

Jeffrey Katzenberg and May Whitman joined moderator Dylan Byars at Friday’s keynote address to discuss, and defend, their innovative mobile content platform, Quibi, which Katzenberg believes could become the video version of Spotify.

Banking on the escalating trends in mobile video consumption, Quibi, whose name is inspired by its short form content or, “Quick Bites,” will share original content, global news, and entertainment highlights to its subscribers.

Mobile devices ranked just behind TV and Computers in 2018 as most common to stream or download TV series or movies in the United States.

Not surprising, YouTube leads the category by a wide margin. However, the next three leading platforms, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, combine to surpass YouTube with their longer-form content.

Doubters point to the stronghold of the platforms mentioned above and mobile frustrations ranging from buffering and loading times, to wi-fi connections and increased monthly data charges.

Katzenberg was realistic about the hurdles they face but refuses to let that slow them down.

Personally, I would like to see Quibi succeed. And, I believe in today’s mobile-driven world, it has a great chance to become the world’s first mobile network. I also think that brands and marketers will see this as another new opportunity to engage with consumers but will have to push themselves to be clever enough not to become part of the experience rather than adding noise.

This is a perfect example of a marriage of a powerful big idea brought to life and supported by measurable insights and trends.

Quibi is expected to launch next April.

Whether you agree with it or not, the Green Rush is on. And Cannabusiness is booming.

We were able, through our research, to identify trends indicating that a plethora of brands are jumping on board to create products that will accompany the sector’s growth. And before you think this is all about the millennial generation, recognize the fact that baby boomers and gen x are showing a significant amount of interest. These insights were validated in discussion with the SXSW panelists below.

Mira Gonzalez recorded her weekly podcast, The Queens of the Stoned Age, yesterday with guests, Elizabeth Nichols and Michelle Taylor.

Elizabeth is an attorney, entrepreneur and the Chairman of the Board of the Texas Cannabis Industry Association. She is working with legislators to pass laws to legalize medical Cannabis because there are people who need it to improve their quality of life. She also believes there’s a lack of understanding and available information to help people understand the healing benefits of everything from CBD oils for arthritic conditions to THC’s power in helping more significant conditions including cancer.

Michelle Taylor shared her story and battle with Lupus. And discussed the frustration of finding and experiencing a life-changing drug that she cannot access in her home state.

Mira’s full SXSW podcast will be available for download next week.

You can’t go to SXSW without sampling the local fare. Yesterday’s was a gem as we dropped in Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken! You will find an excellent choice of fried chicken or fried chicken along with some delicious sides. Gus’s has only been in Austin for a few years, but its roots go back more than 60 years to its original home in Memphis, Tennessee.



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