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From Wellness Moments to Wellness Movements

January 27, 2020

 Customer Experience along the Wellness Journey Makes All the Difference

It’s Resolution Season – and unsurprisingly, for many of us, the goals we set for ourselves in the weeks and months ahead include improving health and wellbeing. We may even set weekly or monthly goals to keep ourselves on track for the bigger picture. But are brands doing their customers a disservice by focusing on the short-term milestones along the way? 

It’s interesting that so much of what I’ve been reading in wellness literature discusses focusing on moments along a journey – connecting the dots to see more of a “long-game” in reaching goals.  Just Google “wellness” and “journey” and you’ll see.

The word “journey” itself conjures a long-term undertaking – whether for individuals, brands or businesses. In his best-selling business book, Infinite Game, Simon Sinek examines the rise and fall of companies that mobilize around finite game plans – operationalizing within the framework of a beginning and an end.  According to Sinek, these companies don’t do as well as those that see an infinite horizon. They improve continuously. 

This long-term thinking is the inspiration behind the FINN Wellness Collaborative, launched this week. By introducing a world-class integrated marketing wellness offering, we recognize that wellness is a moveable goal, a vision that each person holds and pursues, relentlessly and endlessly – it can change over time, and evolve as we, too, grow in our lives.  Power brands want more than to be a consumer’s “moment” along a journey – an app tried for the month of January that gets canceled before the trial period ends; a home-delivery meal plan that gets old quickly; or an exercise club that is visited a few times and then abandoned.  Brands want to be part of an enduring movement – the long term, winding, changing path that leads consumers toward wellness.

To get there, brands will be well-served by ignoring an “endgame” approach – and instead embracing the customer’s journey.  Dan Heath, co-author of The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact, reinforces this point. In discussing how life is comprised of a countless sequence of experiences – most forgotten through time – he notes that certain memorable moments can endure for as long as we live. Therefore, he explains, brands need to create continuous points of action that matter to customers: meaningful moments that dominate memory and amplify personal experience. 

Helping brands discover what experiences matter most to consumers – as they start and sustain their journey to prevention, optimal health and aging gracefully while retaining the vigor for a productive future – is a driving force behind the FINN Wellness Collaborative. As part of our vision to #makeadifference in the lives of consumers, families and communities, we marshal inspiration and insights across practices, specialties and geographic regions of one of the world’s leading global agencies to help brands link to the consumers whose meaningful moments in time are catalysts for positive behavioral change.

POSTED BY: Tom Jones

Tom Jones