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From Office to Adventure: Living For the Outdoors

April 16, 2024

Discovering the wanderlust in you can mean different things to different people. Whether it be learning something about yourself you never knew existed, discovering local cultures, or simply trading skyscrapers for mountains for a change in perspective, the desire to experience the world in exhilarating ways is more than just a trend, but has proven staying power.

The Washington Post recently reported that the global adventure tourism industry is expanding rapidly, estimated to be worth $2 trillion by 2032, with Travelpulse reporting the most popular motivations for traveling were new experiences, to go off the beaten track, and to travel like a local.

The FINN Consumer Lifestyle and Sports group is uniquely positioned to apply our adventure-seeking passions to our everyday work. Collectively, we share everything from our weekend trips to the Catskills or along the coast, to planned adventures and press trips around the world – drawing inspiration (and itineraries) from one another and our clients. Since January 2024 alone, our team has visited Salt Lake City, Park City, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mont Tremblant, Kananaskis, Banff National Park, Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, India, St. Kitts and more.

Most recently, I was able to embark on an adventure through Guatemala, where my clients played such a huge part of my journey. I packed up my Marmot WarmCube jacket, pulled up my Darn Tough socks, and filled my pack with Kodiak’s protein bars to trek over 5,000 feet in elevation, up Antigua’s Acatenango Volcano and witness the Fuego Volcano erupt right before my eyes. Similarly, Caroline, spent the majority of her recent family trip to Costa Rica chasing outdoor adventures including zip lining, horseback riding, hiking and tubing.

Coming back from such exhilarating trips like these, not only gives a sense of rejuvenation, but offers inspiration and appreciation for the work our team supports on a daily basis.

Following a press trip our team planned to Alberta, Canada, Kat was so inspired by the beauty of the landscape that she booked a trip with her friends instantly. Snowboarding the Canadian Rockies and the “hiker hummus” sealed the deal for Alberta to take the #1 spot on her favorite destinations list.

With clients including Kodiak located in the picturesque Park City, Utah, Laura took the opportunity to get some snowboarding in at Canyons Ski Resort. Ashley and Brody also hit the slopes in Utah during CLS client Visit Salt Lake’s Winter Roundup Festival.

Working with brands we love – and live – each day ignites the urge in all of us to book the trip, and experience the most breathtaking landscapes and incredible cultures all over the world.

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POSTED BY: Megan Hollett

Megan Hollett