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FINN Shortlisted for 7 Sabre 2021 Awards

April 13, 2021

According to PRovokewe are “entering the Age of Relationships, an era in which creating, nurturing, and leveraging stakeholder relationships is of critical importance to all organizations and all those who occupy the C-suite.” This year’s SABRE Awards honor the best work in our industry, recognized by peers for creating meaningful connections, building trust and credibility, and truly engaging with consumers and other stakeholders. FINN Partners is proud to have been shortlisted for 7 Sabre Awards, creating market-leading work across Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Technology, Advocacy, Multicultural Marketing and Telecommunications.

Meharry Medical College

For 143 years, Meharry Medical College – located in Nashville and the nation’s largest Historically Black medical school– has battled mainstream American racism, ignorance and indifference to train Black doctors to care for minorities and the marginalized. Yet it had never received significant philanthropic investment or partnerships, and by 2019 was worried about its survival. But when the pandemic hit, Meharry’s longtime communications partner Finn Partners orchestrated a multi-faceted campaign so aggressive and compelling, it catapulted Meharry to unheard of opportunity: $78 million in grants and partnerships–from near insolvency to respect and support for its mission in just 12 months.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

As people cancelled elective procedures in droves and hospital employees were stressed as never before due to COVID-19, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and FINN Partners made a bold move. They determined overcommunication was the only way to counter the twin downward spirals in elective appointments and employee satisfaction. Other systems in Nashville’s hyper-competitive provider market pulled back due to economic uncertainty. But VUMC and FINN doubled down with a message of trust. By the end of 2020, their compelling marketing campaign had generated patient appointment numbers higher than 2019’s and the best employee satisfaction scores in years.

Metro Nashville

One week after the first COVID case came to Nashville, the city’s Mayor turned to FINN Partners for communications support. FINN braced the Mayor’s office for a new reality, saying: “The tornado has come and gone. For the foreseeable future, we all need to be prepared for a storm every day.” This is the story of how FINN’s innovative “Roadmap for Reopening Nashville” ensured the city stayed the course, despite enduring some of the worst crises of any city in the nation during 2020, and went on to lead the Southeast in fewest new reported cases per 100,000 people.

American Textile Company

The sleep crisis in America is real and the facts tell the story with 70% of adults in this country getting insufficient sleep, cultural norms glorifying sleeplessness and the cost to the U.S. resulting in billions of dollars lost annually. Throughout 2020 Tranquility and Finn Partners worked together to build America’s No. 1 weighted blanket brand while creating a category and helping millions sleep better – without a glitzy national marketing campaign, without branded ecommerce, and without Amazon, the get-it-now, go-to retailer of the pandemic. Through intensive earned media and reviews, strategic partnerships, timely positioning and messaging, Finn Partners helped Tranquility drive record sales and achieve No.1 SOV and No.1 brand status.


Having spent the past five years secretly building its quantum capabilities, Honeywell tapped FINN Partners to help it launch its entrance into the quantum computing industry. We embarked on a journey to educate key audiences on what quantum is, why it matters, and most importantly, how it will enable us to tackle complex scientific and business challenges.

After weeks of in-depth analysis and preparation, an unprecedented COVID-19 instigated setback required us to change our plans. But, with swift and agile work and laser-sharp focus, we were able to refocus our campaign and produce results exceeding all original expectations.


Citizen Verizon is the company’s new social responsibility framework for social, environmental and economic advancement beyond traditional CSR. To launch amid the pandemic and social justice movement, FINN created the Citizen Verizon Assembly – a virtual town hall broadcast that enabled key constituencies to hear directly from Verizon and other changemakers, activists, experts and CEOs about the urgent strategies and solutions needed to address today’s most pressing social issues. The Citizen Verizon Assembly became an owned Verizon broadcast series attracting high-profile participants, viewership and media attention, but most importantly, it underscored Verizon’s position as a responsible, accessible “Citizen.”

Hip Hop Public Health

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Black and Latino populations have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 but did not receive culturally relevant and resonant information about prevention. National nonprofit Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) enlisted the multicultural communications experts at Finn Partners to help reach these audiences where they are with a universal message of love, harnessing the power of music, art and science to Spread Love, Not Covid. Finn and HHPH collaborated on talent recruitment for a trilogy of hip-hop music video PSAs with original songs and videos featuring trusted influencers among the targeted communities. Then Finn’s relentless public relations program not only successfully delivered the message but elevated the relatively young nonprofit as a trustworthy healthcare leader. The result was nearly $1 million in grants and 360 million media impressions to further HHPH’s mission.