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FINN Partners Named 2023 Best Large Agency to Work For by PRovoke

April 14, 2023

Originally posted by Provoke Media on April 10, 2023


Founded in 2011 when Peter Finn spun off from Ruder Finn into a standalone business, FINN Partners has expanded organically and via acquisition into one of the largest independents in the U.S. There’s a strong consumer practice, including deep domain expertise in fashion and beauty and travel and lifestyle marketing; a fast-growing global health capability capable of competing with the best specialist firms; a tech practice that was the stellar performer of 2021; and specialist offerings in the arts and in education.


In 2022, fee income for FINN globally hit $197 million (up by 21.5% over the previous year) with North America accounting for $167 million of that, and while there were acquisitions again last year—AHA, an integrated marketing firm with strong employee engagement credentials, sustainability consultancy the Winston Agency, food and wellness boutique Rachel Kay Agency —the vast majority of the growth was organic. Health is now FINN’s largest practice, having recently overtaken technology, with the consumer and travel practice also growing impressively. There are big name clients in multiple sectors: health (Meharry Medical, LifePoint Health, Vanderbilt University Medical Center as well as numerous confidential pharma clients); technology (2K Games, AWS, Honeywell, Netscout); travel (Pure Michigan, Accor, Iceland); consumer (Little Caesers, Purina, TruEarth); and purpose (Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Verizon, MADD).

Workplace Culture

In the 12 years since FINN’s founding, it has been guided by Peter Finn’s vision of creating “a world-class agency with a heart and a conscience,” which has been critical in helping FINN attract both talent and acquisition partners—and clients too no doubt. The vision is manifested in a culture that starts with principled leadership, and emphasizes partnership, passion, and positive impact. Last year saw the launch of the FINN 10 Club, recognizing those who have been with the agency for 10 years or more—an impressive indicator of the firm’s low turnover.

Diversity & Inclusion

Not surprisingly, FINN has been a leader in DEI, one of the first firms to release real data (26% of the current workforce is BIPOC, and 33.4% of new hires). The firm has launched a number HIP groups (hobbies, interests and passions) which aim to bring people together; offers for DEI scholarships; and partners with the Diversity Action Alliance and the Urban League, among others. 

What Employees Say

The three words that best describe the culture at FINN are “collaborative,” “caring,” and “fair.” Asked to identify their favorite thing about the firm, the most common answer is “the people,” while several respondents city the fact that “Leadership truly believes and follows through on their mission/value of ‘people first.’” Adds another employee: “I love what it stands for, as a private business that works with products and people who are proud of who they are and what they can provide for others.” Asked about the worst aspects of working at FINN, the most common responses involve “compensation” and “the work load.”