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FINN Partners Expands “Spotlight on Black-Owned Businesses” Program for Juneteenth 2022

June 17, 2022

In 2020, FINN Partners announced that Juneteenth would be an agency-wide, paid holiday. Since then, the FINN DEI Committee, comprised of 100 global employees, has led dozens of internal and external initiatives to drive action and change in advancing diversity at the firm and across the industry.

To commemorate Juneteenth 2022, FINN Partners is expanding our signature Spotlight on Black-Owned Businesses initiative to celebrate and uplift the spirit of entrepreneurship and empowerment in 14 cities across our entire U.S. network. The program now includes nearly 150 local businesses for which we encourage patronage amongst our employees on Juneteenth and beyond.

The DEI Committee received food order recommendations, personal anecdotes, and an overwhelming response to this year’s call for businesses. This speaks volumes to what FINN Partners has worked to foster over the past several years: commitment with matched action.

FINN Partners encourages you to support these Black-owned businesses as we observe Juneteenth. To learn more about FINN’s DEI initiatives, visit

Spotlight on Black-Owned Businesses