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FINN Partners Expands Scope of ‘Spotlight on Black-Owned Businesses’ Program for Juneteenth 2023

June 19, 2023

For the third consecutive year, FINN Partners will commemorate Juneteenth with our signature Spotlight on Black-Owned Businesses initiative. Highlighting more than 200 Black-owned businesses in 15 North American cities, this initiative encourages our FINN employees to explore and visit the Black-owned businesses in their community during the Juneteenth weekend and throughout the year. We hope that our colleagues, friends, families and everyone in our extended community discovers one of the highlighted restaurants, retail shops and bookstores to become a new favorite.

This year, we are amplifying Spotlight on Black-Owned Businesses on social media! Beginning on Juneteenth and continuing throughout the year, FINN Partners will showcase  several of the businesses from each month on social media, sharing anecdotes and photos from the employees that love them. If you have a favorite restaurant order or story from one of the businesses in your community that you want to share, reach out to the DEI Committee,! 

The Spotlight on Black-Owned Businesses initiative was developed in 2021 by the Global FINN Partners DEI Committee, built of more than 100 employees from around the globe. The same year, FINN Partners announced that Juneteenth would be an agency-wide, paid holiday. Since its inception, the FINN Partners DEI Committee has committed to making the agency a place of inclusion and empowerment. 

This year’s lists of Black-owned businesses include:

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