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Finn Partner’s Top Five Picnic Packings for 2019!

April 23, 2019

FINN’s Top 5 Picnic Packings

In the United States, National Picnic Day is April 23. The Finn Partners social team thought, “What better way to celebrate than to reach out to our US offices?” We asked what five items everyone would consider a can’t-miss item, if they didn’t have to worry about a blanket to sit on and a basket to pack their things in.

Much like our wildly fun and successful Pi Day survey, we researched every possible picnic angle. We came up with a list of 20 items, alphabetized them, then asked our US colleagues to pick five and only five.

With 140 responses, we feel pretty good about the results. Yes, our list was missing a few key items that our dear colleagues certainly let us hear all about it. “Cocktails but not beer?” “Who drinks champagne at 11 in the morning?” “Do you hate vegetarians?” Answers in order: Always. Um, #MimosasForever please. No, but we see you two people who voted celery as can’t miss – You must love making ants on a log as much as we do.


1.   Cheese (68.6% of respondents)

Wow. Cheese was the breakout star of the picnic with 96 people voting for this delicious, dreamy, creamy choice. The social team decided the most appropriate way to approach getting cheese for a picnic was to go a cheesemonger and say, “Yes, please!” and get all the cheese. But, if you need some help, here’s another list of five things, this time with five picnic-perfect cheeses.


2.   Wine (65.7% of respondents)

We didn’t even want to enter into the red, white or pink debate. However, only 39 people voted to bring a corkscrew along, so maybe the other 92 folks plan on the trendy wine in a can. Or a screw top. Or using the butter knife. Please, please no one end up getting stitches trying to break into the bottle.



3.   Cured meats (41.4% of respondents)

Cured meats are a wonderful staple to any outing. When designing your charcuterie board, it’s important to balance flavor and pair with your cheese. We’re fans of Iberian ham and salami. But, you do you.


4.   Sandwiches (40.7% of respondents)

Now, we know to tip our hat to Martha Stewart when it comes to making a simple sandwich feel fancy. We love her California Veggie Sandwich, Hummus Vegetable Sandwich and Southwestern Chicken Wraps. Besides, sandwiches are easy to assemble and fun to munch on in the lovely spring weather.


5.   Strawberries (40% of respondents)

Strawberries are so delicious that you almost don’t need these ten hacks to make them even better. Give them a quick rinse, use a straw to core them or try for some savory recipes. Doesn’t matter. Strawberries are a perfect beginning or end to a delightful picnic outdoors.

National Picnic Day 2019 Wrap Up

We had a great time asking our US colleagues what they wouldn’t want to leave out of their picnic basket this National Picnic Day 2019. Grab your blanket and basket and get on out and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.