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Experience-based Businesses Strike Positive, Supportive Note Amid Travel Ban

April 2, 2020

We are all social beings, but right now we’re learning to social distance like champs. As we try to create routines that replicate traditional social interactions and experiences, we are finding creative ways to connect with our colleagues, families and friends while confined to our homes, whether by choice or mandate. Zoom meetings, virtual book clubs, online yoga classes and FaceTime happy hours are allowing us to have meaningful digital interactions during this global heath pandemic.

Businesses whose currency is high-touch and experience-based, especially those in the travel and tourism industry, are also getting creative as they work to strengthen relationships with customers, despite a global ban on travel. Using the hashtag #DontCancelPostpone, travel brands are making a concerted effort to support the overall tourism industry, protecting businesses and their employees in the present, and helping plan for the future. In the midst of this pandemic, destinations are rightfully cautious about coming off as overly salesy in a time when it would be irresponsible for consumers to partake in these offerings. That is, unless they are digital…

Eager to provide a brief respite from COVID-19 news, destinations are publishing and promoting uplifting and light-hearted original content on their social media channels. Void of any overt sales-driven messaging, destinations are welcoming and assuring audiences that the experience still awaits them when it is safe to travel again. For example, The FINN Partners Travel & Lifestyle team promoted virtual game reserve tours for its South African Tourism client, allowing consumers to go on safari from the comfort of their home, as highlighted by Forbes. For the Jamaica Tourist Board, FINN released an irie vibes Spotify playlist, fittingly called “Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright. Featuring a broad spectrum of Jamaican classics, the playlist is intended to ease our worries and as Lonely Planet says “get you in an island state of mind” with melodies from Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Beenie Man and many more. Jamaica is also planning an Instagram Live series featuring DJ sets, chef demos, cocktail classes and wellness sessions that will enable people around the globe to journey to Jamaica in spirit. Perhaps these refreshing doses of escapism will help us all dare to dream about our next vacation enjoying the in-person company of friends and family, once we are free to travel again.


POSTED BY: Robin Crawford

Robin Crawford