Robin Crawford

Managing Partner, Public Affairs Practice Lead

Professional Experience

Throughout my career I have been blessed to work with like-minded clients that are courageous enough to tackle grand challenges and work fearlessly to drive real change in society, the environment and our shared future. With broad experience spanning trade and economic development, travel and tourism, government relations, energy and the environment, crisis management, race and gender, and health and wellness, I love advancing my client’s messaging and narratives to the national stage. Delivering award-winning work for numerous countries, federal agencies, international conglomerates, state and local government entities, religious organizations, universities, startups and non-profits I’ve seen that anything is possible if you consistently challenge yourself to deliver extraordinary outcomes.

Find a way or make a way.

- anonymous

How'd you get here?

My first taste of working for a public relations agency was an internship in Los Angeles working with a major videogame client to launch a new fighting game. A pivotal first assignment had me visiting tattoo parlors across the city to ID an artist to ink models with game characters on the E3 trade show floor. After a dozen interviews (and a new appreciation for body art) I found an artist willing to take the job. I quickly snapped a photo of the artist, which became the show trade show media teaser. My client’s E3 tattoo parlor was the talk of the show, and the client was thrilled with the extraordinary media coverage the stunt yielded. I was immediately hooked. Getting paid to ideate and execute outrageous, complex and clever plans that drive interest and engagement is what I am hardwired to do.

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