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Driving Value for Tech Brands with B2B Influencer Marketing, Part 4

April 1, 2020

I am sad to say that this is my final post in the B2B influencer marketing series. To all who have been reading along, thank you! This conversation is not nearly over. We are at the cusp of influencer marketing catching on in a huge way for B2B technology brands and Finn Partners is excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.

As the conclusion to this series, I felt it was important to discuss the value that a program such as this can bring. Finn Partners believes passionately in the power of B2B influencer marketing and these are just some of the reasons why.

  • Lead Generation – as I mentioned in Part 3, you can require that influencers network on your behalf at events they go to. Having influencers do this networking, serving as brand ambassadors and acting as an extension of your sales and marketing teams can result in sales leads.
  • Social Media – with this being the main way you’ll leverage influencers, you’ll gain exposure across an influencers social network giving your brand awareness you couldn’t gain through traditional social media tactics.
  • Credibility – having a third party who has notoriety amongst constituents that matter most in your industry adds credibility to your brand in a way you can’t get from self-promotion.
  • Campaign Promotion – using influencers to promote news announcements and PR/marketing campaigns extends the reach of that to a broader and more targeted audience.

We encourage you to check out this case study on behalf of our client, Videa, a leader in television advertising technology, who has proven success with implementing a B2B influencer marketing program.


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