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The Goal

Videa - The Goal
  • differentiate and build credibility
    for Videa among niche local television advertising audiences to change mindsets and drive sales

The Plan

Videa - The Plan
  • Identify B2B influencers
    who have reach and relevance in Videa’s industry
  • Create marketing campaigns
    tailored to each influencer that support Videa’s marketing and sales objectives

The Execution

Videa - The Execution
  • Contracted influencers
    based on their industry knowledge, content relevance, keywords, reach, and other qualifiers
  • Developed clear, tailored asks
    with deliverable expectations, timelines, and compensation structure
  • Tracked campaign performance
    based on audience engagement and sales leads to demonstrate value to senior management

The Results

Generated sales leads

due to the networking various influencers have done at the events they activate at

Generated 13M+ impressions and 3K+ engagements

across social channels within the first year

Gained visibility from major companies

media outlets and competitors including AdExchanger, MediaPost, CNBC, Fox, Turner, FreeWheel, Viacom, Comcast, Oracle, AT&T and IAB

Videa - The Results

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