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Corundum Neuroscience: Beyond the Brain: Exploring the Potential of Neurotech Solutions for Mental & Cognitive Health

March 9, 2024

Moderator: Sharena Rice, PhD, Research Scientist at Sanmai Technologies PBC

Matias Serebrinsky, Co-founder and General Partner, PsyMed Ventures
Ruthi Aladjem, Chief Product Strategist, Corundum Neuroscience
Andreas Forsland, Founder and CEO, Cognixion

In this session, we will delve into the possibilities created for society through neuroscience innovation, and where this will bring us in the future. Exploring technologies including Brain-Computer-Interfaces (BCI) and next-generation neuromodulation, this session will explore how neuroscience can propel societal progress.

​The speakers will discuss their vision for impactful mental health solutions– and what will be possible – as a result of neuroscience innovation. They will discuss how these technologies may integrate into daily life and impact the way society addresses and manage mental health in a post-humanist future. Finally, they will imagine how neurotech will revolutionize new approaches to both mental and physical health treatment and disease prevention.

​This engaging dialogue aims to inspire a collective vision for a neuroscience future that enriches society, respects individual autonomy, and contributes positively to humanity.

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