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COP28 Thematic Day Six: Uniting Leaders for Sustainable Urban and Transport Futures

December 7, 2023

As the world grapples with the escalating challenges of climate change, COP28‘s Thematic Day Six brought a new focus to the forefront: Multilevel Action, Urbanization, and the Built Environment/Transport. This day marked a significant stride in collaborative climate action, featuring a historic gathering of local leaders, including mayors, governors, parliamentarians, and business and civil society leaders. They united to accelerate climate initiatives across all levels of government and society, emphasizing the urgency of sustainable urban development and transportation.

Key takeaways

  • Cities are crucial players in climate action: Urban areas are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, but they also offer significant opportunities for climate action. Cities can reduce emissions by transitioning to renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and adopting sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Multilevel action is essential: Addressing climate change requires collaboration between different levels of government, from local authorities to national governments. Cities and towns can work with national governments to develop and implement effective climate policies.
  • Empowering local communities: Local communities are vital in shaping climate solutions. Cities and towns can empower their residents to take action on climate change by providing education, resources, and opportunities for involvement.
  • Urban planning and design: Urban planning and design can be key in creating more sustainable cities. This includes designing compact, walkable cities, promoting mixed-use development, and investing in public transportation.

Specific initiatives and announcements

  • “Urban Climate Action Nexus”: This initiative will support cities in developing and implementing comprehensive climate action plans.
  • “Global Urban Resilience Fund”: This fund will financially support cities for climate adaptation and resilience measures.
  • “Sustainable Cities and Towns Alliance”: This alliance will bring cities, governments, and other stakeholders together to share best practices and accelerate climate action in urban areas.

Calls for stronger action

Despite progress, there were calls for more ambitious action from cities and towns. Participants urged:

  • Setting bolder targets for reducing emissions and increasing renewable energy use.
  • Investing in sustainable infrastructure and transportation systems.
  • Empowering local communities to lead climate action efforts.

Focus on innovation and collaboration

  • The day showcased innovative approaches to climate action in cities around the world. Participants emphasized the importance of collaboration between cities, governments, businesses, and civil society to scale up these solutions.

Overall, COP28 Thematic Day Six highlighted the critical role of cities in addressing climate change. Cities and towns have the potential to be hubs of innovation and collaboration, leading the way towards a more sustainable future.


As COP28’s Thematic Day Six concluded, it was clear that the path to a sustainable future lies in our ability to harness the collective power of leaders at all levels. The discussions and commitments during the day laid a solid foundation for sustainable urban development and transportation. The day underscored the need for continued collaboration and innovation in tackling the complex challenges of urbanization in the face of climate change.

The insights from COP28 Day Six are crucial in guiding our approach to sustainable urban and transport development. The lessons learned and the commitments made on this day will be pivotal in steering our global systems towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Tomorrow’s Highlight: Amplifying Youth Voices in Climate Action

Join me tomorrow as COP28 dedicates a day to one of its most crucial stakeholders: the youth. We will explore how young people facing disproportionate climate change risks are empowered to influence COP28 and future climate policies. The day will focus on ensuring equitable representation and strong youth engagement across various themes and policy tracks of COP28. Expect insightful discussions on nurturing youth-led innovation, enhancing their role in policymaking capacity-building initiatives, and reshaping education to bridge the skills gap for green jobs. Don’t miss my coverage of this vital day in our collective climate journey.

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