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COP28 Thematic Day Seven: A Recap of COP28’s Youth-Focused Day Introduction

December 8, 2023

COP28‘s Thematic Day Seven ushered in a new era of climate dialogue, focusing squarely on empowering youth in the face of global climate challenges. This day highlighted the critical need to address the risks and impacts of climate change on children and youth, emphasizing their unique position in the conversation about our planet’s future.

Key takeaways:

  • Empowering youth and children as climate leaders: The day emphasized the need to empower youth and children to become active agents of change in addressing climate change. This includes providing them access to education, skills development, and platforms for participation.
  • Promoting climate-resilient education: Participants discussed the importance of incorporating climate education into school curricula to raise awareness and prepare young people for a changing world.
  • Investing in skills for climate-resilient livelihoods: The day highlighted the need to invest in skills training and education programs that equip young people with the skills they need to secure sustainable livelihoods in a climate-impacted world.
  • Leveraging digital technologies for education and engagement: Participants explored how digital technologies can be harnessed to enhance climate education, engagement, and collaboration among youth and children.
  • Recognising the contribution of Indigenous youth: The day acknowledged the valuable role of Indigenous youth in preserving traditional knowledge and practices, which are essential for sustainable development and climate resilience.

Specific initiatives and announcements:

  • Launch of the Youth for Climate Action Hub: This hub will provide a platform for youth to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on climate action initiatives.
  • Introduction of a Youth Climate Finance Facility: This facility will financially support youth-led climate action projects.
  • Adoption of the Youth Climate Action Pledge: This pledge commits governments to involving youth in climate decision-making and providing them with the necessary resources to take action.
  • Calls for stronger action: Despite progress, there were calls for more ambitious action to empower youth and children to address climate change. 

Participants urged:

  • Increasing investment in climate education and skills development.
  • Expanding access to digital technologies for climate learning and engagement.
  • Ensuring meaningful participation of youth in climate decision-making processes.
  • Focus on innovation and collaboration: The day showcased innovative approaches to engaging youth and children in climate action. Participants emphasised the importance of collaboration between governments, education institutions, civil society organisations, and the private sector to scale up these solutions.


Overall, COP28 Thematic Day Seven highlighted the potential of youth and children to drive climate action and build a more sustainable future. Empowering young people with education, skills, and opportunities can create a generation prepared to tackle the climate crisis and build a better world for all.

Tomorrow’s Highlight: Nature, Land Use and Oceans

Join us tomorrow for COP28’s Thematic Day Eight, which will delve into the critical topics of Nature, Land Use, and Oceans. We’ll explore how the sustainability of these areas is vital for meeting the Paris Agreement’s objectives, especially in light of the ambitious 30×30 biodiversity goal. The day promises to unravel innovative financing solutions, co-created with local and Indigenous communities, to preserve natural carbon sinks and biodiversity hotspots. Furthermore, we’ll examine the private sector’s role in adopting nature-positive accountability frameworks. Don’t miss our detailed coverage of these essential discussions and their implications for our planet’s future.

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Christopher Nial